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Tiger Fighting September 29th Inter Milan is about to face Benevento in the first round of Serie A make-up. Coach Conte held a pre-match press conference.


The following is the content of Conte's press conference:


We know that this will be a difficult game, from all angles. Benevento performed well in Serie B last year, leading a lot of points and was upgraded in advance. Their coach (Inzaghi) and I have been teammates for several years. I know his abilities very well. I know what he can bring to a team. I am very happy for Pippo's performance. This will be a game of hidden murder. They showed their determination when they were behind 0-2 and finally completed the reversal. We have to deal with it very carefully in the next game.


Compared with last year, some people have left, a lot of new players have come, and players who have returned on loan. In terms of numbers, the depth of the midfield is extremely deep. Last season we suffered a lot of injuries in the midfield, such as Sensi, Varela and Gallardini. Now we have more staff. I think this is also very important because this season is very long and dense. Great. To play a lot of games in a short period of time, I need everyone to be prepared. At the same time, I hope that this year we will be luckier with injuries.


To be honest, I don't want to discuss this topic, because I know that my words will be misunderstood and misunderstood. This rule is set by others. We should accept and adapt to the new regulations. This is what I can do as a coach.


I think this topic should be given to the sports director now. They have more say in the current situation, but it is not easy for the coach now. In fact, all coaches hope that the transfer market will end soon, because the team's lineup is determined When the window is still open, there will be a lot of sounds appearing. Whether it is true or false, it may affect the players, which is inevitable. I hope the transfer ends quickly so that everyone can focus on the game, whether it is for the players or the coaches, it will be easier. But I still want to say that it is more appropriate to leave this question to the sports director to answer.


I have already said that the issue of transfers should be handed over to the sports director or other people in charge of the transfer market. This kind of talking about a single player is not suitable for me to do.


Let me reiterate that I liked the last game very much, from all angles, if it were in England, everyone would enjoy that game. We played a great game, especially the offensive end that created a lot of opportunities. We played offensive football and were very aggressive when we were off the ball. But we have also been counterattacked several times. We did not find a balance on both ends of the offense and defense. This is not a problem of defenders or midfielders. We have to invest the corresponding manpower on offense and defense. It doesn't matter who is, it's only about attitude. I repeat, I really like the wonderful performance the team brought in the last game, but we really need to improve. This week, many strong teams have overturned because of their offensives. For example, Manchester City and Bayern lost 5-2 and 4-1 respectively. These are top teams. If you want to play offensive football, you will inevitably be defensive. Take more risks. But we will still stick to our own style, because this way the game is good and the players play happily, but while playing offensive football, we must pay attention to improving the offensive and defensive balance.


As I said before, we have been teammates in Juventus and the Italian national team. We have experienced many beautiful moments together. We know each other very well. He and I are both football lunatics. He is studying football very hard. Knowledge, I am very happy to get acquainted with him, and I believe he can succeed on the road of coaching.


You are right. This year we have tried a lot in the midfield position. We can use different formations and playing styles. These players are very adaptable. We scored more than 110 goals last season. This proves that we The weight of offense in tactics. We can play a three-midfield system or a double midfielder + midfielder system.




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